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Toronto, Ontario

 The Visual Effects for Film and Television Program is designed to introduce students to the tools and techniques used to create visual effects for film and video.  The program is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Deji Oduntan

Deji Oduntan

VFT Program-2015

What education did you have before you took the Visual Effects for Film and Television course?

Deji Oduntan

Deji Oduntan

I had studied foundation visual arts and Design, as well as Film production at Vancouver Film school. The visual arts program was my introduction into the film world and gave me a small taste of every aspect of film making from pre-production to post-production. The film production part of it was more specifically geared toward on-set work and editing.


Tell us a bit about your experience at the college.

My experience at the college was really an amazing, eye opening, and exciting experience. I came in with almost zero knowledge of any of the software used besides after effects. So the amount I ended up learning by the end of just eight months at Seneca was really extraordinary. I'm not saying it was easy. It was very hard work. But the instructors are bar none the best and really do know everything! So that definitely helped a lot. Also having a great bond with my classmates made a big difference as we were all there to help each other when needed as well. We also made sure to balance things out with fun events here and there.

How do you use the education you got at Seneca in your job today?

The VFT program at Seneca prepared me in every way possible for a job starting off as a compositor. I was able to step right in and do the job and know exactly what I was doing. It was really cool that after only two months I was getting trusted with slightly bigger shots as they knew I would be able to handle it.

This was Deji's demo reel when he graduated from the program in 2015.

What advice would you give potential students who are thinking of taking the course?

Do get kind of familiar with all the software before hand. It's quite a short program so things go pretty fast. It always helps if you have a general map of things. Finally, for those who are entering the field brand new... there may be classmates who have a bit more experience than you and will naturally pick up on things faster/ better. Don't let that discourage you or make you question yourself; don't look at it as a competition- that's not to say you shouldn't work to be the best. You should team up with your classmates and share knowledge together. Be as receptive and inquisitive to any help and knowledge as you can get. Good luck! 

(Written in 2016)