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 The Visual Effects for Film and Television Program is designed to introduce students to the tools and techniques used to create visual effects for film and video.  The program is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Simmar Singh

Harsimmar Singh

VFT Program-2014

Harsimmar Singh

Harsimmar Singh

What education did you have before you took the Visual Effects for Film and Television course?

I had my bachelors in Information Technology and held a diploma from Frameboxx Animation India. I worked in the stereo conversion industry for the past few years. I wanted to learn and gain some experience in Visual effects.

I had kept some options in my mind but Seneca was on my priority list because of the work showcased by them from the previous batches. 

Tell us a bit about your experience at the college.

VFT was an experience which I usually like to share with people.

The facility Itself makes a statement with proper equipments and renting facilities. A tight deadline to fabricate your show-reel and mould you for the visual effects industry. I was pleasantly surprised by the facility.

My intentions were to pass through this course and start working in Canada amongst the best studios but didn't have a way. I got the correct guidance each and every day from my teachers to nourish my knowledge. 

There's a saying 'The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don't tell you what to see'. They were good critics to develop me as an artist and as a person. 

How do you use the education you got at Seneca in your job today?

I had learned good tips and tricks from my teachers which makes my work easy as compared to things I used to do before. Grasped as much I could from the pool of knowledge and that helped me a lot to grow as an artist. 

For international students, if getting a job is like a battle, I was loaded with proper armours during the span of time with help of teachers, people around and personal belief.

This was Simmar's reel when he graduated from VFT in 2014 (includes some of his previous professional stereo conversion work).

What advice would you give potential students who are thinking of taking the course?

I would highly recommend them to glean knowledge from one of the best teachers in this industry. If you are passionate about Visual effects, this is the best place to land on. 

Be open to criticism but do not be affected by it. Criticism is meant to help you to be a better person. Learn from it.  Get in touch with people around you, make a good mark. This industry is very small, one day we can cross paths.

Be ready for sleepless night and deadlines, make coffee your best friend and multiply the intensity for what you imagine. Get ready for the roller-coaster ride.

(Written in 2016)