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 The Visual Effects for Film and Television Program is designed to introduce students to the tools and techniques used to create visual effects for film and video.  The program is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Sri Mathanagopalsamy

Sriharish Mathanagopalsamy - 2016/2017


Sriharish Mathanagopalsamy


What education did you have before you took the Visual Effects for Film and Television course?

Before VFT I was doing my Bachelor’s in Visual Communication which mainly focused on the overall aspect of filmmaking and journalism which had a slight hint of skills such as video editing and 3D modelling. 

Tell us a bit about your experience at the college.

Coming into the college being an international student I had my own doubts but I am very satisfied with the outcome. Seneca has the best Visual effects course as far as I know. The experience I gained from the course and the faculty helped me to reach where I am now. The best part of the program for me are the faculty. The faculty are very updated, experienced and they make sure we are on the right track and guide us untill the very end.

How do you use the education you got at Seneca in your job today?

The concepts I learned from the program are industry standard, I use what I learned from the program every day at work. The education I got from the program gave me enough breathing space to improvise at work. The syllabus is solid for the industry.

What advice would you give potential students who are thinking of taking the course?

Keep pushing yourself to achieve greater heights since the visual effects industry is a very competitive space. Try to put everything towards the program and learn everything that is possible. Make use of the resources available at the campus which would give a great start to get into the industry. The faculty are wonderful and they are patient in explaining every part of the concepts so ask as many questions as you can to gain more knowledge from their experience. Everyone choosing this program is going to have an enjoyable and informative experience.

(Written in 2017)