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88 The Pond Road
Toronto, Ontario

 The Visual Effects for Film and Television Program is designed to introduce students to the tools and techniques used to create visual effects for film and video.  The program is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Portfolio Requirements


A portfolio of your work will be used to select applicants for VFT program. Before you start organizing your portfolio, keep in mind that this is a Graduate Program. This means that we expect that you have a portfolio that's at the level of someone who has graduated from a post-secondary program. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • The portfolio should contain examples of your 5 best pieces of work.

  • We are most interested in the work that relates to visual effects and/or motion graphics; this can consist of your best 3D or 2D work you may have done in a previous course or on your own. Examples include:

    • 3D models you created

    • 3D models you textured

    • 3D models you rendered

    • 3D models you animated

    • image manipulation using programs such as Photoshop (please include ‘before and after’ images if you do heavy image editing)

    • any compositing work you may have done

    • design and/or motion graphics work

  • Handing in a collection of .jpg and still images is fine, but be mindful that you can only have five pieces of work

  • If your portfolio is a demo reel, all work combined should be no longer than 2 minutes. Anything beyond the 2 minute mark may not be looked at.

  • Do not submit an uncompressed video file. Large video files do not play back smoothly off of a DVD. If your two minute Quicktime file is over a gigabyte of space, you should re-compress the file.

  • Do not copy tutorials off of the internet and submit it as your own work. Take the principles of the tutorials and apply it to your own work.

  • After your portfolio has been assessed, it will be destroyed, and cannot be returned to you. No original artwork please, copies only.


Please include a Letter of Intent with your portfolio. It should be under a page long, explaining who you are and why you think you will succeed at Seneca.


  • Online submission of work is preferred, but you are allowed to submit your work on a CD/DVD.
  • Online submissions can consist of a link to your demo reel on a video sharing website like YouTube or Vimeo. You could also put your work on a file sharing service like Dropbox and email us the link. If your work is hosted on a website, that is fine as well.
  • Please only email us links to your work, do not email your work as an attachment.
  • If you send us your work on a CD/DVD, be sure to double check the CD/DVD before you ship it. Make sure that the CD/DVD works properly.
  • Be sure to label the all your work with your name and Seneca student ID number.
  • Double check and make sure this number is correct.


  • Portfolios will continue to be accepted until the class is full. You are encouraged to apply and submit your portfolio early to be assured due consideration.
  • We are currently accepting portfolios for September 2017

You can mail your portfolio to:

Seneca College

Animation Arts Centre

attn: Portfolio Consideration

70 The Pond Road

Toronto, Ontario

M3J 3M6